Instagram Marshmallow Hot Chocolate


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I recently came across the cutest edible item to drink with hot chocolate, or something that would make an awesome personalised gift – print images from your Instagram account onto marshmallows, making them the most unique marshmallows ever! Imagine offering your guests a hot chocolate, and letting them choose a personalised marshmallow.

According to Boomf’s founder, “boomf!” is the sound of the marshmallows dropping into your letterbox – how cute is that! :) It costs £15 (or $27 Australian dollars) and includes delivery. Totally fun and delicious!

What to do
Visit and log into your Instagram account, choose 9 pictures and boomf! they will get printed onto marshmallows and shipped in a couple of weeks from the UK to Australia.

And how is this for customer service, one of my Boomf boxes went missing in the post, and when I contacted Boomf, I got a next-day response telling me they would reprint and ship a new box. Even though it wasn’t their fault that it went missing as it could have been lost, damaged, or held up by customs. Big thanks to Chara on the Boomf Support team – these guys are wonderful.

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