Crispy Christmas Five Spice Duck



There’s not much you have to do to make a duck delicious, it is one of the fattiest birds around, which to me, means flavour heaven. I childishly like to play with mine and make quacking sounds with it before I rub him with spices and cook him.

What you need

a 2kg ducky
2 – 3 tb five spice powder
1 orange
salt + pepper
3 bay leaves
2 celery sticks
2 carrots, halved lengthways
chicken giblets
2 spanish onions, halved
1 entire garlic bulb, halved

What to do

Dry the ducky extremely well and score that lovely fatty skin in criss cross lines. If you’re lucky to get a duck with the neck attached, give him a judo chop and remove that neck. Keep aside for the gravy.

Zest the orange and mix the zest with five spice powder and plenty of s & p. Rub him all over with the spice mix and leave in the fridge over night.

On the next day preheat the oven to 190 C. Cut the orange in half and stuff inside your ducky with bay leaves. Place him in a tray on top of celery, carrots, onions, garlic, giblets and duck neck.

Roast for 2 hours, occasionally watching it through the oven door like it’s your favourite TV show. Rest for an hour lightly covered in foil, then slice and dice in whatever way suits you. I served this ducky on a bed of rocket, orange slices and pomegranate seeds.

Duck gravy

2 cups chicken stock
3 tb flour

Scoop out excess duck fat from the tray and store in a jar for some glorious roast potatoes.

Put the tray on a medium heat on your stove top and stir that brown stuff on the bottom, add flour until it all thickens. Add stock. Get a masher or whatever your weaponry of choice is, and mash those veg and giblets. Simmer the sauce until it reduces a bit and season with s&p.  When it tastes good (when won’t it taste good? :) strain in a sieve.

Have a Merry Ducky Christmas!


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