Caramelised Macadamia Camembert Cheese


caramelised camembert cheese 1

caramelised camembert cheese 2

caramelised camembert cheese 3

Such a crowd pleaser! If you like caramel you will love the combined flavours of this caramelised macadamia camembert cheese. I served this on New Years Eve and it disappeared in minutes.

What you need

200g round of camembert cheese
¼ cup chopped macadamias
½ cup sugar

What to do

Place chopped nuts on top of the camembert cheese.

Cook sugar in a pan on medium heat, do not stir with a spoon as it will make the sugar crystallise, but just occasionally swirl the pan until it becomes a beautiful dark golden colour.

Pour caramel over nuts and cheese, then leave to set.

This can be made an hour in advance. Serve with apple slices and crackers.

Guaranteed party starter – boom!

caramelised camembert cheese 4


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