Camp Cookin’ Adventures! Making Dutch Oven Pizzas


camp oven pizza 5

It was a hot 32° spring day and Outback Jack and I decided to get out of Sydney and go for a drive on some bush tracks around Mount Victoria. We loaded up his Toyota Hilux with some cooking gear and ingredients to make something we’ve never tried before, crusty hot pizzas in a camp oven! Here are the results of our first camp oven pizza, cooked on a grassy bank by Cox’s River, and they were pretty damn good if I say so myself.

Makes 2 pizzas

What you need
2 store bought pizza bases (I trimmed the edges off mine until it fit in our camp oven)
4 handfuls of mozzarella cheese
For pizza toppings, I had: onion, capsicum, chorizo and mushroom.
Outback Jack had: sliced pork fillets and an egg!

What to do

Heat your camp oven on high heat til the pot is nice and hot. Pop in a heatproof rack to keep the pizza off the bottom of the camp oven. We used a cake rack topped with an upside tray, get inventive and use anything you have!

Place your pizza base on a sheet of foil leaving enough foil around the edges so you can safely drop in & lift the pizza out without burning your fingers. Don’t let the foil cover the pizza edges too much or the sides won’t get nice and crusty.

Sprinkle 2 handfuls of cheese over the pizza then follow with your chosen toppings. When your camp oven is nice and hot, pick up the pizza by using the foil as handles and carefully drop it into the hot camp oven. Place the lid on top and lower the heat to very low.

Bake for about 45 minutes, checking on it every 20 minutes. Remove when it’s golden and crusty. Slice and serve!

This is super delectable, cheesy and mouth watering – not your usual camp feast!

camp oven pizza 1

camp oven pizza 2

camp oven pizza 3

camp oven pizza 4

camp oven pizza 5a

camp oven pizza 6

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